Born 1968, Austrian, living in Berlin, Germany. After her studies of psychology at Vienna she went to Berlin to study Puppetry at the acting academy “Ernst Busch”. 1998 she founded together with Alexandra Kaufmann und Melanie Sowa the group KASOKA – and later 2005 Kaufmann & Co. She worked with the best directors of her field, for example with Hans-Jochen Menzel, the director of the “Ernst-Busch”-Academy for puppet-theatre, with Francesca Bettini and Gyula Molnàr from Italy, one of the most important actors and directors of the emerging “Objekttheater”, with  Pat van Hemelrijk from Belgium, Horst Hawemann and Yehuda Almagor. Eva Kaufmann has been performing also at Deutsches Theater, Rennaisancetheater, Gorkitheater and Sophiensäle - well known Theatres in Berlin and at puppetry-festivals in Germany, Austria, Swisserland, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Israel, Lebanon and Dubai. Since 2004 she has been working as a teacher at the academy “Ernst Busch”, directs several theatre groups and puppet-theatres and gives workshops in the field of puppettheater and objekttheater.

Eva Kaufmann

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