Happy Birthday !

for the whole family (3 years and older)

It is Lisa’s birthday. At last – a mountain of colorful packets! Burning with curiosity, she unpacks them all – but what’s that? A crazy chicken! And what’s rattling in the next box?

What a surprise! A jolly baby is grinning at her. But the sweet baby turns out to be a little pest. Lisa now doesn’t have a minute for herself anymore. She tries everything to calm down the small wild thing, but the baby does what  babies do. The baby screams, parps, pees, poops and still wants to be entertained. But the more Lisa tries, the more goes wrong. What a beautiful mess! The baby has fun ..., the children have fun, too.

It is a zany play about being little and about being big, about children and their parents.

Elementary themes of the first years of childhood are packed into a clownesque guise, so that big and small can laugh about themselves.

duration: 40 min

idea, acting: Eva Kaufmann

artistic cooperation: Alberto García Sánchez                                               Management in Belgium: XL & Lapinne

without words, but with sounds and music


or: What’s rattling in the box?

© L. Anthes