Little Red Rolling Ball

Suitable for children age 2 to age 6

It is a play about being little and being big. It is about taking the first steps, the first getting to know little and big, white and black friends, and even first surprises. It’s a story about the process of growing, changing, passing, and beginning all over again.

It’s the story about a little red ball who is living a life of perpetual change. A small red ball is given a face. It looks back at us – calm, friendly, and curious. This is the birth of Little Red-Rolling-Ball. A hand becomes her small body. With her small legs she dances on black and white toes which make sounds like a musical instrument. In another scene she flys with a huge red ball through space which suddenly looses it’s air and glides down in front of us leaving behind little red balls – her new companions.

LittleRed-Rolling-Ball invites us to participate in her fantastic journey in which things change their gestalt to evolve into something that is both astonishing and fascinating.

performance: Eva Kaufmann

artistic cooperation: Friederike Krahl                                                            Management in Belgium: XL & Lapinne

without words, but with sounds and music


© L. Anthes